Periodic Tracker

What is it? Periodic Tracker is the perfect competitive intelligence service that gives you instant access to critical data points about your competitors and the growth channels and keywords. It helps you to stay ahead in the competitive market. Periodic Tracker is a monthly, quarterly, or yearly service that gives you real-time data. The service can be customized, depending upon the nature of the scope. For example, client ABC wants to see the latest innovation for the XYZ industry (for the next two quarters) on a weekly basis data submission.

How does it work? It is a simple service that helps you to get updated on a weekly or monthly basis. Our analysts are well-experienced working with periodic tracker models which will help you with real-time crucial data.

What you have to do: If you are looking for such a service, then we are always ready to be with you. We first understand the scope, and after the initial kick-off meeting, we submit our work plan to you. You just have to develop a contract for the intended period (research timeframe, scope, submission, inclusion, and exclusions, etc).

Periodic tracker helps you to track specific market data/ competition/ innovation etc. of your own interest for a particular period of time. in simple words, it works as market development update for a spefic timeframe

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What you got ?

An update tracker for your business that keeps you updated about the industry/ market development. In other words, competition watch or specific product/ innovation development is tracked and linked to the market for key insights that are required to great business decisions.